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Sorry for the application slacking, I will flog the other admins amd officers when I get back from this unintended vacation
Is anyone trying out Dark and Light, and if so what server are you on?
Will be away indefintely after next week. Will have limited access to web/voice. No game access. Take care of the place while I am gone. ^_^
Far From Dead, Our Wolves are BUSY
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Long time no update life happens and is still happening. But yea just want to update people on the community.

excuse the lack of flare, admins are welcome to dress this up.

(Dressed up by the one and only Paige)

For reading convenience I have colored important details of the following paragraphs as follows: the game discussed, who to talk to if interested, our current clans/alliances, and the clan's current location.

Bad Wolves Gaming Update

Welcome new kids on the block Haldirr & R0XSTA. Bringing with them the Stronghold Kingdoms Division. Over 50 members strong and growing. Looking for total domination on Europe 4 and beyond. If you like strategy, politics and AFK micro management. This could be your ticket. Dodging wars and collapsing guilds seem to be our forte in this game of patience and team building.

Catch the other New Heat Wave hitting our community. Heroes of the Storm! Headed by Arctic Wolf and so far its been an enjoyable ride. Peak match time is week day nights so if your looking to try the not so Moba moba, heres your chance.

League of Legends may be seeing a rumored return to the community, Haldirr is trying hard to get this sleeper favorite of many some activity here. So be on the lookout or just hit up Haldirr if your looking to play.

Virtual Table Top RPGs are still going! MsJen and AD are working together with a few others to build a new game. There are currently no games running and plenty of oppritunity for growth. We are planning a campaign for multiple GMs and groups of 3-4 max in each session. Anyone interested should contact one of them and join in the discussion. Current game system is 5e based with home brew rules. If you love roleplaying, you should join!

Rift has become officially Bad Wolves with the reforming of ex-Empires members into guilds Fire & Ice and Fallen Eclipse! We also have a sub guild that joins regularly for raiding called Epic Dragon Lords. If your looking to get into Rift you always have a home in our guilds and with the continued content Trion Worlds has been pushing boredom will be hard to find.

Ozwalled is back and thanks to Falkland for holding down the team while Oz was away! Our Warframe Division is still active and kicking. We have gotten every event we have been focusing on with the smaller higher activity requirements. Haydens Order our Alliance is ever growing and Our Alt Guild Vandals is also still active. So if your looking to experience the game that has been the linch pin of our community you will always find a full dojo and friendly players to journey with here.

If you ever wanted to experience the challenge and rewarding feeling of playing the unadulterated and highly spoken of Vanilla World of Warcraft. Well look no further, good friend and Division Leader Akazel has your oppurtunity to join him and 30+ others in Elysium the successor of Nostalrius.

If you ever wondered what predessecor of WoW was like, you can join Fatetaker, Beanor and Vivi in Everquest 2 on the Maj'Dul server! New or old doesnt matter thanks to the excellent mentor system. Come experience a more expansive MMO loaded with endless content and features that many MMO's copy to this day in hopes of emulating the EQ experience.

Want something different? Join Fully Redeemed and Vivi in Defiance. A post apocolyptic sci-fi fest of Star Wars proportions. With aliens, guns and super powers how can it possibly go wrong!

Looking for a different kind of squirrel? Come join Vivi & Fatetaker in Divinity: Original Sin. A turn based dungeon crawler rpg of epic proportions. Only 4 spots left!!

Things have slowed up a bit in Minecraft but Shila is looking to drive up some interest and is currently looking for a more explorer and dungeonish Minecraft mod setup to keep people in the sandbox mood. Keep an eye out or give her some feedback on what server pack you'd like to try!

Bloodline our Eve Online extention is leaving the headaches of Sovereignty warfare and have moved into Worm Hole Space to continue their enduring punishment on the biggest names in Eve. If you missed out, they were leading the charge on the dethroning of Goonswarm's CFC out of the north during Operation Money Badger. Following their last exploit leading the charge for Brave Coalition. If you want to fly with the team that has dunked on Pandemic Legion, NCDOT and Goons on a regular basis. These guys are the black ops baddies you wanna be with.

OG Bad Wolf Update

Mustang is leading the Bad Wolf crew back into Eve Online for some Industrial hard knocks. Everyone is starting fresh toons and are around the Caldari and Amarr space if your looking to get in. It always end with someone get podded.

Ocean Warrior and Cromskull are hanging out on 7 Days to Die on a private server "SMS Omega Easy PvE". If you were looking for an excuse to check this game out, look no further.

Overlords of Asguard

our PS4 Brothers

Final Fantasy XIV standing at 475 members rank 8 Free Company on Famfrit. Catch Stardragon, Jota & Aislinn leading our Asguardians to glory!!!

Destiny stands at 145 members lead by Fatemaker, Xydeyeus & Mc2jZg3. Always active and looking to help.

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